How Grief Prepared me for 2020

  • Surround yourself with people that lift you up, cut out toxicity
  • Candlelit yoga is good for toning, staying fit, and a safe space to bawl in darkness to cool music surrounded by expensive candles. The yoga classes are also expensive.
  • The idea of a birthday party at a strip club is better than the actuality of the event, also on this subject throwing parties isn’t always a great solution to problems.
  • Vaping is actually….not cool?
  • Cigarettes: cool in highschool, weekends in college, or when your significant other is out of town
  • Supporting and encouraging other women is a lot more fulfilling than being jealous of literally anyone else that is female because some emotionally unavailable dude makes you feel insecure about yourself all the time and the only thing you’ll ever get from these types of men is an e-mail asking if your 90 minute episode of a Sex and The City podcast about red flags in dating is about them while you’re grieving the death of your best friend.
  • Let yourself heal from trauma before jumping in the dating pool again, you will only get material for a maximum of three open mics and spend $50 on Plan B
  • Having four paintings of the empire state building in your bedroom is a design aesthetic called “industrial single”, a great activity when experiencing grief is redecorating
  • All the different ways one can try to “solve” or escape grief don’t really work. All you can do is embrace the loss, let the person influence positive things you do: your art, your own growth. You can still receive life lessons when they’re gone.



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Heather Harrison

Heather Harrison

Heather Ann Harrison is a southern bred comedian/actor/writer trained at the Annoyance theater NYC originally from Raleigh, North Carolina